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Theme Park Vacations

You’ve arrived at your vacation destination. You’re settled into your unit at the resort. Now it’s time to hit the parks. Read on for ways to help make your theme park experience more enjoyable:

  1. Buy your entrance tickets online – you’ll avoid potentially long lines to purchase when you get to the park and you may even be able to take advantage of an online discount code or offer from a coupon website.
  2. Packing snacks and drinks sounds like a good idea…unless the theme park doesn’t allow it. Be sure to check with the park beforehand to avoid having to discard perfectly good food.
  3. Bring a backpack and fill it with essentials like ponchos, band aids, and a portable charger for your smartphone. If you grow tired of carrying the backpack, inquire about locker rentals where you can easily store your gear while you walk around the park.
  4. Download your theme park’s app. It probably has several useful features such as ride wait times, park maps, food deals, and more.
  5. Plan your visit – or at least the beginning of the day. Know which rides and attractions are a must for the kids (or you!) and strategize your path to tackle those first. If you are able to arrive when the park opens, you’ll be at an even greater advantage.
  6. Dress for comfort and dress for the weather. Sneakers and socks are probably the best choice for footwear. If you are in a climate where it is cooler in the morning when you arrive but gets hotter in the afternoon, dress in layers and then stash your top layers in a backpack or locker as it warms up.
  7. If you are visiting the park with a large group and you decide to go separate ways, decide on a meeting time and place for lunch or to exit the park together at the end of the day.
  8. Try going on rides or attractions during parades or other theme park events. While the other visitors are watching the show, you’ll be able to avoid longer wait times while on line for popular rides.

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Theme Park VacationsTheme Park VacationsTheme Park Vacations