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Pet Friendly Vacations

Enjoy a Vacation at a Pet-Friendly Resort and Bring Your Dog or Cat on Your Trip

Travel used to be synonymous with the phrase "No Pets Allowed" -- but today, more and more hotels, timeshare and resorts are pet-friendly. What's more, there are many pet-friendly timeshare and vacation-ownership resorts, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of vacationing at a shared-ownership property along with Fido or Kitty.

No pet owner wants to leave their beloved cat or dog in a kennel for a week. This is an expensive option that oftentimes creates a great deal of stress for your pet. Even if you are able to leave your pet at home (perhaps having a friend stop by a couple of times a day), the boredom and loneliness pets experience can lead to destructive behaviors.

Thankfully, the ability to bring your pet with you on vacation is a valid option if you choose a pet-friendly timeshare (resort). In fact, a quick search for "pets allowed" on, for example, turns up 160 pet-friendly resorts. For your convenience, we've posted select resorts below.

The Pain of Leaving Your Pet Behind

"I hate to think about my little dog Kiwi spending a week at the local kennel, trying to sleep each night in a small crate while the other dogs bark and whine," says Kayla M., a pet owner in Orlando, Florida. "I like the idea of bringing her along to a pet-friendly timeshare resort where she can frolic in the ocean or scamper alongside me as I hike in the mountains."

Pet-friendly timeshare resorts let Kayla and other pet owners have that exact experience, allowing them to bring their furry family member along for the weeklong vacation or weekend getaway. There's no stress because of leaving the pet behind, no separation anxiety, and no missing out on sharing each day with your cat or dog. Imagine sitting on a deck watching a summer sunset, or curled up on a couch in front of a warm fireplace during a winter ski trip. You know you'd want your pet there.

It's been said that pet owners can't imagine life without their beloved pets. That certainly seems to be true for almost everyone, so why even consider leaving your dog (or cat) at home when there are so many pet-friendly timeshare resorts?

What Makes a Hotel or Resort Pet Friendly?

Pet-friendly properties range from small motels and hotels to sprawling multi-acre resort complexes. Size doesn't necessarily matter, as any hotel or resort can list the designation to attract guests. So, when looking for a pet-friendly resort or hotel, it's logical to ask what exactly makes the property pet friendly.

First, keep in mind that "pet friendly" may mean a limit of two pets (or even one in some cases). It also may restrict dogs to "small" (which typically is under 35 pounds). You might have a difficult time finding a resort or hotel that will host you and your four great danes. Even if you can bring all your pets, you could end up paying additional surcharges, especially for going beyond a certain size pet or total number of pets.

Many of these vacation properties simply are indicating that they allow pets to accompany their guests. But some pet-friendly resorts and hotels include a few extra amenities specifically for cats and dogs. This may include a dog bed, cat scratcher, or maybe an exclusive outdoor play area.

Some resorts may offer a form of "doggie daycare" -- great to keep in mind as most properties do not permit pets to be left alone in units. When possible, it's great to take along your pet -- but of course there will be times during your vacation when you participate in an activity or go to a restaurant where it would be unwise or unsafe to bring an animal.

Another important fact to consider: It's a good idea to contact any pet-friendly resort or hotel directly just prior to your trip. The property's pet policies are subject to change, and it is possible (perhaps because of new management or ownership) that a particular destination is no longer pet friendly. Better to find out before you go.

You Are a Pet Ambassador

One final thought: Remember that while you love your pet, others may not see him or her like you do. How your pet behaves (or misbehaves, as the case may be) is a reflection on you. Not everyone likes animals, and while you might find that thought hard to believe, it underscores that being a responsible and conscientious pet owner can go a long way toward turning animal-averse individuals into pet owners -- or at the very least, pet tolerators.

Here's to enjoying your next vacation with your pet.

Check out some of our select pet friendly resorts in great vacation destinations in the US:

Westgate Painted Mountain

Villas of Palm Springs in California

Barefoot Suites in Orlando
Festiva Orlando Resort in Orlando
Merriweather Resort in Ft. Lauderdale
Signum Resort Bella Vida in Orlando

Sea Mist Resort

Atlantic Resorts in Ocean City
Pointe on the Bay in Ocean City

Surrey Vacation Resorts in Branson
Westgate Branson Woods

North Carolina
Dunes South in Nags Head
Fontana Village near Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Peregrine Townhomes in South Padre Island

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Please note when booking a resort please look under policy restrictions for information regarding animals being permitted at select resorts. Restrictions and or fees may apply please contact resort for details.


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