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Offseason Travel Vacations

Sure, you’d love to visit Grandma for Christmas, take advantage of the kids’ summer vacation, ring in the New Year in Vegas, or fly to Florida for spring break .. who wouldn’t? But the reality today is that the offseason can be a much better time to travel. Some of the busiest travel destinations, like Las Vegas, Orlando, Branson, or even Virginia Beach, can be much more enjoyable during less occupied times.

There are also many incentives to traveling during the offseason. Almost everyone vacations during the summer, and at holidays, so you can gets some great some great deals by traveling outside of these peak times. You may have some concerns about traveling in the offseason, but let’s put those worries to rest, and let you know the benefits available to you.

The Benefits of Offseason Travel

Offseasons do vary by location. Summers can be hot in Las Vegas, for instance, so Sin City often gets busiest in the winter months. That makes spring and fall fantastic times to go to there. Orlando is a slave to school schedules, being busiest during spring break and summertime. Therefore, you’ll find October and February best for avoiding the crowds. Branson is ideal to visit in late winter and early spring, after the holidays. For lower prices and relatively comfortable temps, you consider visiting Virginia Beach in spring or fall.

Low season, shoulder season -- whatever you want to call it -- can be best time to go where you want to go. Here are the Top 5 reasons why:

1. Smaller Crowds During the Offseason

This reason is the most obvious. Because fewer people tend to travel in the offseason, often times destinations have fewer crowds and shorter lines at popular attractions and eateries. At many of your favorite theme parks and water parks even the speed pass is barely faster these days. What’s more, it also can mean less congestion on roadways and at airports. Have you ever had to queue for security for more than an hour? That can happen during high season in Orlando and Las Vegas. That’s not a great way to start or end a vacation. Enjoy the freedom of not rubbing shoulders with strangers.

2. Get More of Want You Want During the Offseason

Related to the smaller crowds just mentioned, the offseason can translate into easier bookings and reservations at resorts, restaurants, exclusive attractions, etc. Even plane tickets can be easier to obtain in the offseason. Be sure to check availabilities in advance, though. Winter is a great time to visit Virginia Beach (if you bundle up), and it’s also Branson’s low season. While you’ll find more seats available at the shows, and more room at the attractions, some do take a break during the winter months (nonetheless, it’s still a great time to visit Branson). But you’ll find that the places that are open are readily accessible -- and, for many destinations, nearly everything is open year ’round. So go get that vacation you’ve always wanted.

3. Cheaper Prices During the Offseason

This one’s a biggie. PRICE. Weekly stays can be or larger resort units. Prices for airfare, accommodations, and even restaurants and attractions sometimes, may be lower in the offseason. Those savings can really add up, use it on sightseeing, experiences, and restaurants at your destination. You might even score a great deal on souvenirs, so you can afford to buy everyone a memento if you’re so inclined. Or not if you vacation in Vegas, because what happens in … oh, never mind.

4. Favorable Weather During the Offseason

Let’s face it, summer and the holiday season aren’t necessarily the best times to visit many destinations in terms of weather. It’s hot in the middle of summer and can be a bit chilly during winter. Why not enjoy the blooming of spring or the colors of fall? Now, full disclosure, there may be some tradeoffs possible here -- as mentioned earlier, Vegas can be a comfortable oasis in winter. But many places, such as say Virginia Beach, are amazingly comfortable in the spring and fall. No frostbite, no heatstroke. Let’s call that one a win-win.

5. Expanded Options During the Offseason

Did you know that some destinations and attractions purposely schedule festivals and special exhibitions in low season in hopes of drawing more visitors? The major Central Florida theme parks, for example, schedule music, food, and other festivals that tend to attract more locals but stilloften don’t fill the parks to capacity (which happens during high seasons). You can get all the previous benefits and a bonus event to attend. Virginia Beach also hosts festivals and concerts all year, including during the offseason, like the American Music Festival. And Las Vegas’ casinos and shows are open all the time, and the city hosts various one-time events during every season.

It’s Just Smart Travel

So there you have it -- the Top 5 reasons to enjoy offseason travel: fewer crowds, get more of want you want, cheaper prices, favorable weather and expanded options. Who wouldn’t want to travel in the offseason? Be the smart traveler that you know you are and make the switch to not traveling when everybody else does. You’ll be glad you did.


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Offseason Travel VacationsOffseason Travel VacationsOffseason Travel Vacations