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Multi-generational Vacations

Multiple generations on one vacation can multiply the fun! Read on to learn about the do’s and don’ts of multi-generational traveling.

Before you go...

  1. Determine the sleeping arrangements. Luckily, vacation rentals offer multiple bedroom options that will make it comfortable for the entire family. However, it’s best to assign the bedrooms and sleeper sofas ahead of time to avoid any potential squabbles upon arrival – you’ll want to focus on other things when you get there, like getting down to the pool!
  2. Another topic that should be discussed is finances. Figure out how you will be splitting up meals, activities, travel related expenses like transportation, etc., and make sure all families are in agreement. This will help to alleviate any questions once the trip starts.
  3. You probably don’t need three curling irons or five bottles of shampoo. Communicate ahead of time who will bring what. It will also help you save some room in your suitcase!
  4. Be sure to get one or two must-do ideas from everyone. This will help to determine the priority activities and attractions for the trip and keep your travelers happy knowing they’ve helped to contribute. Keep in mind – some of your younger travelers may suggest activities that could be too rigorous for older family members. This is fine! Older family members may welcome the break.
  5. This one is probably a no-brainer: make dinner reservations ahead of time. Depending on the popularity of the location and season of your vacation, dinner reservations for even a party of four could be tough. Given you have a larger size party, call weeks or months before to make your reservations and you’ll be able to get the restaurants and times that work best for you and your family.

While you are there...

  1. You’ll have a full kitchen at your disposal to make all your favorite home-made meals. You can even turn making meals into a friendly competition by pairing up family members and have each team cook one family meal during the vacation. The whole group can vote on the best at the end of the trip!
  2. Capture the memories. Since your large family probably doesn’t always get together like this, consider hiring a photographer (check out companies like Flytographer or Local Lens) to take photos of you and your family enjoying your vacation time. These will make for wonderful keepsakes and you can even use the photos for a holiday card at the end of year.
  3. You don’t all have to be together all the time. Yes, it’s a family vacation, but everyone needs some down time every now and then. Let the group break up into smaller groups to explore or grab a bite.
  4. Finally, expect the unexpected. Like any vacation, you’ll have to roll with the punches. With so many more people involved, there may be several wrenches in your plan and you are likely to go off schedule. Just take a deep breath, relax, and remember you are on vacation. Enjoy it!

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Multi-generational VacationsMulti-generational VacationsMulti-generational Vacations