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Hotel vs. Resort Vacations

Five Reasons a Resort Is Better than a Hotel

Of course, everyone knows that a spacious resort condominium or suite is more comfortable than a typical hotel room. But did you know there are other benefits of the larger resort suite, including value?

When planning a vacation, we all tend to think about location first, and then get into the specifics of where we’ll stay while we’re at that destination. As we browse through the available lodgings, we look for that sweet spot that touches both price and quality. You may have thought that the best value is always a hotel room, but here are the reasons why a resort suite or condominium bests a hotel stay.

Why a Resort Unit Is Better than a Hotel Room

There are at least five reasons why a resort unit is better than a hotel room:

  1. Space
  2. Privacy
  3. Comforts of Home
  4. Amenities
  5. Value

More Space at a Resort

Who doesn’t like to stretch out and enjoy a little (or a lot of) space? A typical hotel room is composed of a door, beds, and a bathroom. Usually, that’s it. Compare that to a typical full one-bedroom resort residence, which has an entryway, a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a patio or balcony, and at least one full bedroom. It’s nice to have a bit of square footage to call your own, and have plenty of space to put all your things without tripping over your luggage.

More Privacy at a Resort

Speaking of space, the only place to have your own in a standard hotel room is to go into the bathroom and close the door. In a resort suite, you and your traveling companions can go to bed at different times. In fact, you can watch TV when someone else is sleeping -- because they’re in their own bedroom. Maybe they’re watching TV, too … but you won’t know, because, well, privacy. Also, you will have some space between yourself and your kids. So if they have an earlier bedtime, you won’t have to be stuck in silence too.

More Comforts of Home at a Resort

No one wants to wake up in a hotel room reeking of the previous night’s take-out leftovers (which incidentally, are in the waste bin as they wouldn’t fit in the mini-fridge). Who likes that?

Compare that to options you find in a fully equipped kitchen in most resort condos: a refrigerator (that is, a real, full-sized one -- not just a mini-fridge), a stove, an oven, maybe a toaster, a full sink, dishwasher … not just the coffee maker and microwave, although they’re there, too. You may not want to spend your vacation cooking, but the ease of keeping milk and cereal (and late-night snacks) on hand is invaluable.

Plus, many resorts offer in-room washer and dryer. Allowing you to pack less and possibly avoid those overage fees charged by the airlines.

More Amenities at a Resort

At a typical hotel, you may have a pool, a modest workout room, bar or lounge and … usually not much else. Resorts tend to have a pool (or even several pools), a true fitness center, restaurants and bars, game rooms, picnic areas, and other family friendly amenities that range from onsite 18-hole championship golf courses to movies theaters to bowling alleys.

More Value at a Resort

At first glance, hotel vacations seem less costly than those at resorts. But savvy travelers know that some of the best deals put condominium vacations within reach, and TripBeat offers some pretty sweet deals through rentals like these. What’s more, when you stay in a resort condominium, having a kitchen means you don’t have to eat all your meals at restaurants, which can save you a lot of cash you’d probably rather spend on activities and souvenirs.

One Final Thought

When you go on vacation, it’s common to arrive at your lodgings after either (a) flying on a crowded plane or (b) cooped up in a car for hours with your family. Now we all love our families, but wouldn’t it be nice to check in to apartment-style accommodations and relax in separate rooms for just a few moments rather than schlep everyone and their bags to a small, single room?

It’s your vacation. Make it more enjoyable and memorable by staying at a resort.


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Hotel vs. Resort VacationsHotel vs. Resort VacationsHotel vs. Resort Vacations