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Packing Tips

Pack it up.

6 ways to organize the suitcase chaos

  1. Zip it up.
    Put your (TSA-approved) liquids in travel-size bottles and then pack them in a re-sealable plastic bag to prevent a messy suitcase spill. Since many airports require you to unpack liquids from your carry-on, this method has the added benefit of helping you move more efficiently and quickly through security. Throw a few extra new re-sealable plastic bags in your suitcase for the flight home.
  2. Save space.
    To maximize the real estate in your bag, store smaller belongings inside of larger ones. For example, the inside of your hiking boots offer a nice home for cellphone chargers, adapters and other gadgets.
  3. Roll or fold?
    Both packing methods have a time and place. If you’re bringing a duffle or tote, rolling works wonders with t-shirts and jeans. Folding comes in handy when you’re toting a structured suitcase and packing wrinkle-prone or tailored clothing, such as dress shirts, woven skirts and trousers. Remember to choose your clothing options wisely: pick blends containing nylon or elastane (they resist wrinkling). Also, textures or busy prints and patterns helps conceal fold marks.
  4. Split your belongings.
    If you’re flying with another person, consider packing half of your items in your bag and the other half in your companion’s bag, and vice versa. If your luggage gets lost in route, you will still have enough clothing and essentials to get by without it spoiling your vacation.
  5. Pack less.
    Yes, you are reading that right. If you are staying in a unit with a washer/dryer, you have the luxury of doing a load or two (or more if you’d like!) of laundry while you are on vacation. Bonus: if you are flying and can fit everything into a carry-on, you won’t have to pay the baggage fee. View vacation rentals with on-site laundry facilities.
  6. Toss it out.
    To make extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs, pack shampoo bottles and other toiletries that are almost empty. These can be used up during your vacation and tossed before you leave. If you have clothes or books you no longer want by the end of your experience, ask if there are any local charities where you can donate them.

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Packing TipsPacking TipsPacking Tips